About is a site for bears, hairy men, cubs, and admirers! To see our member's profiles you need a profile of your own, including a photo of yourself. Your main photo CAN NOT show any nudity below the belt. The photo has to be YOU. For all other photos the same rule goes as for your main pic: it must be you.


We only store information that is necessary for the functioning of the website:

  1. The information you enter in your account and profile.
  2. The messages that you send to other members.
  3. Your favorites and buddy list.
  4. Your photo likes, photo comments and saved photo list.

We take your privacy seriously:

  1. We will never sell or share your information.
  2. We won’t track you, nor do we use trackers like Google Analytics.
  3. We won’t analyze your information in any shape or form.

You can delete your account at any time and you can be sure that all information - including all your photos - is deleted immediately and irreversibly.


The only cookie that we use is the session cookie that keeps you logged in. As soon as you end your browsing session the cookie is automatically and immediately deleted by your browser.


Your browsing session is protected by SSL which encrypts all data sent between your browser and our website.

Email notifications

We only use your email address to validate your account, and to send you important messages about your account, profile or our website.

  • We will never send commercial email, nor will we ever share or sell your email address.
  • Your email address will never be visible on the website.

You can choose how we notify you in your account settings:

  • when there are messages waiting for more than 1 day
  • when someone on your favorite or buddy list adds new photos
  • when someone on your favorite or buddy list updates his profile
  • when your hometown is visited by one of our members
  • when someone adds you to their favorite or buddy list

We will never ask for your password or other information about your account.

Security tips

Some recommendations to improve your online security:

  • To secure your internet connection we recommend a VPN like NordVPN.
  • To make your email messages more secure we would like to recommend ProtonMail.

Always remember: all information that you post on the internet, including your photos, can be copied by others, so always consider what you post on public websites.

For extra security you may want to decide to use a secure messenger with end-to-end encryption and an auto-delete function, like:

  • Signal
  • Wire
  • Wickr
  • Threema
  • Telegram

Note: We are not affiliated with any of the above services. They are considered to be secure communication services and therefore use them ourselves.

Rules and Disclaimer

  1. Our website ( contains adult material, including, but not limited to, photographs, films, and written descriptions of adult nudity and adults indulging in sexual activity.
  2. By entering this website you attest that you are at least 18 years of age, and/or of legal age to receive, view and possess such material (see point 1) in the legal jurisdiction in which you live. You will not allow any person not of legal age to view such materials.
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  5. You attest that all information supplied to our website, whether information contained in your profile or in registration for membership, is true. You attest that you are legally entitled to the use and posting of any materials, images, or information that you submit to our website.
  6. You may not submit materials or images that are illegal, defamatory or inflammatory. We may terminate your membership, should you be found in violation of the above.
  7. Submission of any material constitutes permission for to publish such material on reserves the right to remove your submissions if they are in violation of our rules (see point 6).
  8. cannot be held responsible for content posted by members. has no means of verifying that posted content is or isn't copyrighted. It is your responsibility to verify that all the content that you post is owned by you. will pass on any legal issues to the member posting illegal or copyrighted content, and membership will be terminated for this member.
  9. Upon registration, protection of your membership login data becomes your responsibility. You agree that you may not assign or transfer its use to any other person. You are responsible for any unauthorized use of the membership login data. In the event of theft or unauthorized use of your membership login data, you agree to notify at immediately.
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  11. You understand that any information or images submitted for use in your member profile or other public areas of is accessible to all members of
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